Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House

Get Spooktacularly Creative this Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year for children with Halloween hijinks. We’re offering you a helping skeletal hand with spooktacular things to do with a spud.

Halloween fun and craft activities

It’s that magical time of year for children.  Nope, not Christmas (yet) but the freedom of October half term AND Halloween hijinks. Usually a time for kicking up leaves, visiting family, picking out creepy costumes and of course enjoying lots and lots of sweets.  We know here at LovePotatoes that blustery UK weather won’t stop you from searching the cupboards and parent groups on social media for inspiration and Halloween activities. 

We’re offering you a helping skeletal hand as we’ve rounded up some of our favourite spooktacular things to do with a spud.  In true ’here’s one we made earlier’ style, all you need are some potatoes, googly eyes and a pinch of imagination.

Potato carving
Pumpkins and turnips might be the usual veg of choice for Jack o’Lanterns but we think potatoes make the cutest lil’ spooky faces. Use some other veg too and make a whole spooky family.

Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House

Make your own potato people
Decorate your potatoes with paints and felt-tips and make your own witches, vampires, werewolves or ghosts. Try adding googly eyes, wool for hair and sequins and glitter for some extra sparkle. Small yogurt pots make excellent top hats and strips of loo roll or bandages for mummy wraps!

Monster mashed potato mayhem
Use different food colouring to create colourful or gruesome mash potato and put hidden sweets or raisins inside to be found, dug out and devoured! Or add enough flour to your mash to create a clay-like consistency and you’ll be creating brilliant sculptures of monsters, wiggly worms and everything in-between.

Shrunken potato heads
Crispy, ghastly and just right for dunking these are super effective and easy Halloween snacks. Preheat the oven to 220°C, 200°C Fan, Gas Mark 7. Ideally use a potato that holds its shape well when cooked (eg, Charlotte).  Carve the faces into the potatoes with a small, sharp knife. Pop on to a lined baking tray (faces upwards), drizzle with a little oil and roast for around 45 mins – 1 hour. Test they are ready by giving a gently squeeze (with an oven mitt) or a prod with a fork – it should be squidgy on the inside and crisp on the outside.

Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House

Stomping and stamping
Cut your potatoes in half and then use biscuit cutters to press into the flesh of each potato half. Cut away all the flesh around the outside of the cutter. Alternatively, you can use a pencil to draw your picture directly on the potato half and then cut around it. Dry the stamps on some kitchen roll first before the kids get dipping into the paint and stamp away! How about making some fangtasticly spooky cards, creepy Halloween posters for your windows or ghostly printed wrapping paper?

Hubble bubble, boil and trouble…
Of course we can’t pass up an opportunity to mention probably the best activity of all – putting on the aprons and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Got some budding witches and wizards wanting to brew up some potions? Give our yummy potato and pumpkin soup a try. How about pizza or chocolate potato cake? Browse through our spellbook for ideas…

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Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House

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