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Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House

Maris Piper Potatoes to Eat

The Maris Piper has a golden skin and creamy white flesh with a fluffy texture. This makes it a versatile all rounder, great for chips and roast potatoes, but also good for mash and wedges. Maris Pipers have a high dry matter content which is what gives them their fabulous fluffiness.  This makes them perfect for roast potatoes but they need timing when parboiling for the textured surface which creates a wonderful crispy, crunchy outer.

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Your Potatoes to Eat will be sent on a 48 hour courier.  However, we work quite rurally and we have an early pick up.  We need to have orders in the day before to be able to get the order together before our courier arrives.  Orders received in the morning will not be dispatched until the following working day.

For the vast majority of orders, we do not charge a surcharge for Scottish Highlands and Islands and other remote areas.  However, we reserve the right to contact you if we can't get a viable rate. Unfortunately, for large or extremely remote orders, it is likely that we will need to pass on some haulage charge.

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90% of potatoes sold by Potato House are our own production. Each year, a few varieties are sourced from other local growers to complete our range. The potatoes are all certified and are of the same high quality that the home-grown ones are. This variety has been bought in for 2024.

We abide by the rules set in The Potatoes (Scotland) Regulations 2015, as do all our trusted suppliers.

Love Potatoes. Potato House

Love Potatoes!  Potatoes to Eat range will change throughout the season.  Although we grow over 90 varieties this is mainly for seed potatoes and not all our varieties will be available in our To Eat range.  Let us know what you would like to see in this range - we welcome your feedback on this new venture.

We aim to have potatoes 9 months of the year for you and are looking to extend this for 2023-24.

If a variety has COMING SOON we intend on having this for you in this season.  We have to plan storage and washing facilities and can't give a certain date until a few days before we have it for you. We will have better plans in the future once we get into a routine.

If a product has DELAY TO REBAG on it, it means that we need to check stock, and wash and re-bag if we still have some left.  This is not a guarantee that we do have more in stock.  We have to check.

If a product has SOLD OUT for 2024, it really does mean sold out.


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