How to make potato pancakes

How to make potato pancakes

Discover how to make pancakes using potatoes in this easy-to-follow method.

You’ve read that right - you can, in fact, use potatoes to make pancakes! Pancakes are traditionally created with milk, flour and eggs. The addition of spuds in this mix makes for a tasty alternative base for savoury pancakes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can create these yourself!

Mash the potatoes

First of all, you need to mash the potatoes so they can fit snugly in with the accompanying ingredients in the pancake batter. You’ll need smooth potatoes such as Maris Piper or Desiree to create the best mash. Please refer to our ‘how to make mashed potatoes’ page for this section.

Potato pancakes are also a great use of leftover ingredients, if you have anything remaining from a Sunday roast dinner then you can make delicious use of them here.  

Making the mix

Mix the mashed potatoes with egg, flour and salt and any other ingredients of your choice. Chilli, paprika, garlic - they all work wonders in the savoury pancake mix! After whisking this together you should be left with a creamy, smooth substance which is a little denser than your usual pancake batter - make sure it’s not too thin!

Fry ‘n’ Flip ‘em!

You should be familiar with the process associated with pancakes! Drizzle the oil into a frying pan, when it’s heated up and starts to sizzle a little pour your mixture in ensuring the entire surface is covered. Once it’s hardened and condensed enough, flip the pancake until each side is a golden colour.

Topping Time

Now that the potato pancakes are cooked and ready, you can either munch them down as they are or scatter on your favourite toppings. Savoury ingredients will work a lot better than any sweet toppings you may add to traditional pancakes. For some topping inspiration, check out our potato pancakes with smashed avocado & smoked salmon or our Danish potato pancakes recipe.



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