Potato Nutritional Information

Potatoes are an ideal food for those seeking to improve their nutritional intake within day-to-day diets. Providing a significant amount of fibre, potassium, folate, magnesium, copper & zinc, potatoes are a great and effective way of gaining some of your nutritional essentials - plenty of which help muscle and nervous system functioning as well as notable contributions to heart health. 

Not only are they good for you, but they also act as an incredibly versatile ingredient in the kitchen which can be included within a whole scope of meals at different times of the day; at breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is demonstrated by our varied recipe selection here on lovepotatoes opening up numerous opportunities for you to get your nutritional fix.  

Obviously, different cooking styles can have an effect and alter the nutritional values, but most importantly at its core the potato is considered one of the most nutritious foods available in terms of volume, variety and quality. Find out more about the functions, contents and benefits of the potato’s key nutrients below.

Find out more on how fibre plays a role in your diet and how potatoes can contribute.

Find out why you need potassium in your diet and discover how much potassium potatoes can contribute to your daily intake.  

Get to know folate by finding out how important the nutrient is to a healthy and balanced diet, and also how the humble spud supplies a significant portion of you recommended daily amount.

Potatoes contain a great serving of magnesium in their nutritious flesh and skins. Find out more about the role of magnesium in the diet and discover how exactly potatoes add to your magnesium consumption.  

Ever wondered how potatoes power a lightbulb? Well, it's down to this pair of nutrients which hold an incredibly important role in a healthy diet. Discover more about the role and process of this nutrient, and the reason they are always referred to as a twosome .

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