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Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House
Love Potatoes | Best Potato Recipes | Potato House

How To Use Up Your Christmas Dinner Leftovers

How To Use Up Your Christmas Dinner Leftovers

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Discover some tasty ways of using up your Christmas dinner leftovers!

Christmas is a time where the spud truly shines in its much loved roasted form at the heart of the Christmas dinner. Potatoes are incredibly affordable and are particularly handy when it comes to the task of cooking up some lovely festive leftovers; you can use them as a means to bulk out and compliment the leftover ingredients or transfer any leftover roasties into a new dish!


Leftover recipes

You can use the potato as the key to your Boxing Day breakfast. Wrap up those lovely flavours into one delicious package with potato hash. Take a look at our Leftover Sunday Lunch Hash recipe which leaves out any specific ingredients so you can fill in your own yourself – you can use anything from sprouts, pigs in blankets, turkey to chestnuts. The recipe uses rosemary and horseradish to give the leftovers a new lease of life in breakfast form.

Our Leftover Lamb Hotpot recipe is born out of the remnants of a roast and is appropriate to the grand Christmas roast too – this one is much more suitable for a big lunch or dinner serving. The recipe is structured so that the layer of rosemary-seasoned baby potatoes on top can soak up the festive flavours mingling below.

There are lots of delicious recipes for using up leftover roast turkey and potatoes after Christmas – but we reckon this is the best: Turkey Bubble and Squeak with Crisp Ham Shards.  Top tip: serve with a runny poached egg on top for true perfection!

Festive chips

Overestimating food portions isn’t always a bad thing, particularly when you have parsnips, carrots or potatoes left over – it’s the perfect opportunity to rustle up some festive chips which combines all three ingredients. It’s simply a case of cutting up these ingredients into chip-like shapes and cooking them up in the same oven chips style we’ve conquered in our How To Fry Chips at Home guide. Perhaps you could use any leftover cranberry sauce or chutney as a delicious dip. Alternatively, why not trial our Christmas leftovers jacket potato which is designed specifically for the occasion.


Extra spuds?

Visit the Love Potatoes ‘How To’ section to further explore the range of potato cooking techniques including mashed potato, wedges and jacket potatoes – all could work well if you have spuds leftover in their raw form. Additionally, be sure to check our guide to cooking up the perfect Christmas roast potatoes so you can achieve that crispy skin and fluffy flesh every time.


Festive recipes

For some more festive recipes be sure to check out our Christmas Recipe Roundup.  Explore our wider recipe collection to discover some fantastic dishes you can easily create all year round!

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