St Patrick’s Day: Traditional Irish Potato Recipes

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Celebrate St Patrick's day in style with these fantastic Irish recipes.

St Patrick's Day is upon us again! Whilst the drinking, dressing up and going out is part of the celebrations, the food is also another fundamental part which will enable you to get right to the heart of Irish culture - that's why we've collated our favourite Irish recipes in time for the frivolities. 

St Patrick's Day marks the death of Ireland's Patron Saint and has since become an annual celebration of Irish culture which now stretches across to a number of the world's countries including Mumbai and the Caribbean. Tuck into these delicious recipes below! 

Potato Peel Soup 

This wholesome meal holds many qualities which make Irish-style food so adored. It's creamy consistency allows the contents which include onion, fresh potato peelings and seasonings to meld in a delicious way. This method also includes a selection of hints and tips to improve your soup even further such as with the inclusion of other root vegetables.

Bubble & Squeak with Asparagus 

How about this for a hangover cure on the morning after the night before? This dense base is tasty and delicious in itself but also wonderfully serves the plethora of fresh delicious ingredients which are bundled atop including the naturally salty asparagus and the creamy hollandaise sauce. 

Leftover Lamb Hotpot 

The cooking technique behind stews and hotpots considers patience and taste. This particular method finds the potatoes roofing a number of delicious flavours mingling and simmering beneath throughout the cooking process. 

 Thatched Cottage Pie

This is a leisurely dish comprised of leftovers. Despite its amazing appearance, the method behind it is incredibly simple, merely requiring some low-level preparation and allowing the oven to do the work! The combination of delicious ingredients including beef, tomato and celery makes this dish a real favourite!

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