Deliciously Ella Opens Doors for Potatoes!

Renowned food blogger celebrates potatoes at a supper club in her London deli

The renowned food blogger and author held an evening event at The Mae Deli, to showcase the humble potato, as part of her involvement with the Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side campaign.

Since April 2016, Deliciously Ella has been supporting the ‘Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side’ campaign as part of her commitment to encouraging people to cook with natural ingredients – like potatoes – in order to give their bodies the nutrients they need. 

The Supper Club event gave Ella the chance to showcase some of her best potato recipes, and prove just how versatile an ingredient they can be. The guests enjoyed four scrumptious dishes:

  • Coronation Potatoes – packed full of raisins, almonds and juicy mango, this vegan dish was a delightful twist on a British favourite
  • Roast Potatoes with Green Beans and Sundried Tomato – incorporating crunchy green veg with garlic, rosemary and thyme gave this dish a really moreish flavour
  • Potato Rosti - this Scandinavian classic has been tweaked by Ella. It couldn’t be simpler, using just Russet potatoes; sea salt and coconut oil, but is so effective!
  • The Best Potato Salad – the avocado in this dish creates a creamy dressing for the potatoes, asparagus and spring onions.

By combining four dishes that all use potatoes in different ways, the food really highlighted for guests all the fab ways that potato can be prepared and incorporated into healthy meals. Potatoes are rich in fibre and potassium, and can transform a simple, vegetable-based dish into a well-rounded meal. Why not give it a go yourself tonight? Click here for some healthy meal inspo from!

Giving an Indian twist on a classic potato rosti recipe helps gives this recipe a bit of a kick for spice lovers! Perfect for a healthy breakfast.

Potato and Sage Gnocchi with Pesto

Rich, delicious and layered with undertones of fresh, nutty pesto, our potato and sage gnocchi is an indulgent dish packed full of classic Italian flavours.

  • Prep in: 10 mins
  • Cook in: 25 mins