Coeliac Awareness Week 2018: Gluten-Free Potato Recipes

Coeliac Awareness Week 2018: Gluten-Free Potato Recipes

Check out some of our favourite Gluten-Free recipes for Coeliac Awareness Week 2018!

The week of the 14th – 20th May marks Coeliac Disease Awareness Week designed to spread the word about the illness which is suffered by 1 in 100 people.

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease where symptoms are brought on by the consumption of gluten. This leads sufferers to lead a gluten-free diet for life. Read more about coeliac disease on our special diets page.

However, just because you have to avoid gluten in your diet doesn’t mean you can’t make exciting, inspired meals. Potatoes are a fantastic addition to a gluten-free meal bringing plenty of nutrition along with a filling quality which could be lost without the presence of gluten. We have an entire section of our recipes page catered to gluten-free diets. Here is a selection of some of our favourites.

Buffalo-Style Slow Cooked Potato and Chicken

Beautifully spicy flavours pepper this dish which finds chicken and potato soften into a delightful consistency. The method is dissected into three parts which makes up a scrumptious whole – the slaw, dressing and centrepiece ingredients are all accounted for. Ideal to whip out for snacks at a gathering or for a Saturday night-in!

Indian Spiced Potato and Coconut Curry

Exotic spice, creamy consistency and a hint of sweetness are all the things we love to see in a curry. Luckily you get all of these in this gluten-free goodie! Garlic, ginger and chilli all contribute to the wonderfully vibrant taste at the heart of this dish. This recipe also takes into account various parts including a sambal and tongue-tantalising mint chutney.

Vegetarian Thai Potato Noodle Broth

A quick dish which doesn’t hold back on flavour! This beautiful broth has a refreshing and fulfilling after effect. Full of fresh veg, fragrant spices and, of course, some delicious spuds spiralised to replicate noodles as the main ingredient. An inventive creation to impress your friends and family!

The Ultimate New York Hash Brown

Hash browns are a fantastic way to use up your leftovers – this recipe guides you through how to make what we’ve called ‘the ultimate’ hash brown. Potatoes, courgette and onions grated, blended and fried up together to create a crispy, soft hash brown. We’ve decided to include some grilled steak and some sautéed curly kale to really add the cherry on top!

So there you have it – proof that gluten-free food can be deliciously inspiring. To discover more amazing gluten-free recipes on Love Potatoes, click here.    

Gluten-free goodness!

Did you know potatoes are naturally gluten-free? We recognise that it's an important aspect of some people's diets, so we've selected a range of our favourite gluten-free recipes.

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