Bowl In One – the brand new recipe that does it all

Bowl In One – the brand new recipe that does it all

Baffled Brits are overwhelmed by dietary advice, so here is a dish that makes eating well simple and easy

New research has shown that 65% of British people are baffled by the conflicting dietary advice that is out there – whether it is a new food fad, or a diet craze, eating well can seem like an impossible task.

With so much dietary advice out there – from food fads to diet crazes – eating healthy nutritious meals can seem complicated – but it doesn’t have to be! Read on to find out more about this dish that ticks all the boxes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, by combining simple, unprocessed  ingredients you can ensure you are giving your body the nutrients it needs – without compromising on taste.

Potatoes: More Than a Bit on the Side has partnered with leading nutritionist, Sian Porter, to create the ‘Bowl in One’ Grilled Salmon and Potato Rainbow Salad.

At just over 600kcal, the ‘Bowl in One’ is a delicious combination of salmon spiced with turmeric, fresh potatoes for a fibre and potassium boost, and a generous helping of a mix of vegetables to provide three and a half portions of the recommended ‘5 A DAY’ – all at just 30% of the recommended daily calorie intake.

Incorporating ingredients from all food groups, the dish provides nutrients important for eye, heart and digestive health, as well as being low in salt, sugar and saturated fat.

Sian says:“With so many ‘superfood’ fads, ‘miracle’ diet, ‘Insta’ experts and ‘quick fix’ solutions around at the moment, it’s no surprise that people feel confused about what to eat.

“I’m a big believer in the ‘food first’ approach when it comes to getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals – not only is this nature’s way, it also actually keeps things really simple. Aiming to eat appropriate amounts of a variety of foods from the main food groups ensures you include a whole range of the nutrients your body needs.”

Check out the recipe here, along with lots of other fresh, tasty dishes that will help you live well!